TV Licence Contact Number – 0300 790 6144

By | December 30, 2015

Are you searching for TV Licence Contact Number? Get all important contact information of TV Licence Customer Service. We have also provided official website, official email and all other necessary information for your help. So please reach them and a customer executive from TV Licence will assist you in your issue getting solved.

Have any issues on payments, billing, renew a service, update name, bank address or any issues please call below numbers.

TV Licence Contact Number – 0300 790 6144

Payment or Savings Card customers only : 0300 555 0286

When to Call:
Monday to Friday – 8:30 to 18:30
Saturday – 8:30 to 13:00
Sunday and Bank Holidays – closed

Minicom – 0300 790 6050

Postal Address

TV Licensing
DL98 1TL

Official Website :

Contact us Form :

General complaint

Customer Relations
TV Licensing
DL98 1TL

Programme complaints

For BBC programme complaints please contact:
BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922
Tel: 03700 100 222

TV Licence Contact Number

How to call TV Licence Contact Number

  • call 0300 790 6144 .
  • press 1 for renew your existing licence.
  • press 2 for a buying a new licence.
  • press 3 for changing your current address.
  • press 4 for applying over 75 licence.
  • press 5 for others like changing bank, cancellation , refund or others etc.

you need to buy full licence if you are younger than 74 years. If you are aged 74 you can buy a short term licence. This will cost less than a full licence. It will last until you are 75 when you get a free licence. TV Licence has a very large customer base of more than 30 million households in united kingdom and across. it has very good customer service department and it has been ISO9000 certified .

11 thoughts on “TV Licence Contact Number – 0300 790 6144

  1. Md Zoglul Hayder

    dear sir/madam,I just have paided 145.50 for my first tv licence in the uk, by pay point 56329 at handsworth in Birmingham,but unfortunately the pay point keeper did not write my correct name, so kindly requested to correct my name is Md Zoglul Hayder. thanks.

    I think it is avery good syestem of yours, but i have done wrong to went the pay point.

  2. Anthony Pardue

    I have just spent about an hour trying to call without hearing an automated service, impossible I’ve given up even typing without an automated service

    I called weeks ago as I stopped watching owning etc a TV in late February but forgot to cancel my 3 month DD payment of £37 paid in March, I called got through that time in April & was told my refund would paid back to me through my debit account in 10 days, it has not been paid back to me


    I want to cancel my tv licence however have tried on line and YES you have made as difficult as possible!!!!! just seem to be going around in circles on you web site, unfriendly user website

  4. Mrs L Kemp

    I have been trying to contact yourselves on behalf of my mum and I have been trying two different numbers for well over an hour even my mum has tried and constantly got an engaged tone. I think it is absolutely disgusting that you take all this money from us and we can’t even get in contact with you.

  5. Gulfraz khan

    I have called and been trying all day to renew my tv licience today, there is no automated system and number sounds as if its engaged, is there something wrong with your phone lines as i have tried several other numbers also, its ridiculous, also a very poor service, as i dont have time to run after you people, could u tell me whats wrong with your phone lines and when will they be working again. Many thanks G Khan.

  6. Charlene wilson

    Your website is impossible!
    I’ve been asked to update my details, confirming I still don’t require a extortionate licenses.
    And the supposed easy to fill in form wasn’t capable of recognising I have resided at my address for 6 yrs now, and has signed the property off as empty!!

  7. emma

    you have called here twive yo set up direct debit….i knoe have court preceedings! you have never gone bk in????? wtf

  8. Mushahid Rahman

    I don’t have a to license and why do I have to pay court and and tv license when I don’t even hardly watch tv. So please get back to me and I don’t really care about the law they need to stop taking money off random people that don’t watch tv.

  9. Mike

    The website is very unhelpful when it comes to making any contact with the organisation. The menu system on the telephone enquiries goes on forever with submenus etc.

    But more so, nowhere does it tell you that the licence will be valid FROM THE BEGINNING of the calendar month that you sign up. Therefore if you join on the 28th of the month you are effectively paying for only 11 months of licence.

  10. Brian. Jellett

    My 95 year old father has asked me to contact you about his TV licence requirement. He lives with my wife and I and watching TV is his main occupation. We have better things to do.
    Does he have to do anything to obtain a free licence or is this automatic ( as it should be )?

    Thank you for any response


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