HM Revenue Contact Number -–> 0300 200 3310

By | February 9, 2016

Are you searching for HM Revenue Contact Number? We have given here toll free and shortest wait time working customer care number of HM Revenue Contact Number along with official support email, official website, corporate Head quarter address. So call the below numbers and HMRC customer support executive will help you in any issues you are facing.

About HM Revenue.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HM Revenue) is based in United Kingdom and is part of tax collecting section. It is also a non ministerial department of UK. Some of the main job of HM revenue includes is collecting taxes, government forms payment, minimum wages. It was established on year 2005 by merger of Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise and Inland Revenue. HMRC is also responsible for providing support and welfare to various person who are in need of any financial help. When calling the contact number you can ask how to apply for benefit and any documents you need for verification. And also all calls made to HM reveneue are kept confidentials and your private information are safe. Normally HMRC customer care service are open between 8am and 8 pm on mondays to fridays.

When you call the HMRC helpline at 0870 280 2566 to ask for help, be prepared to provide some personal information about yourself. This will ensure that you are indeed you, and that your information is kept provide. The phone system does require a selection process that will put you in touch with the department you wish to speak with. To avoid any hassles, know which department you need to connect to prior to calling. Furthermore, you may be able to reduce the amount of time spent on the phone by reading some of the most current policy information on the HMRC website. also it operates Pay As You Earn system which is managed by HMRC. This means your taxes are calculated based on your income. So a poor person with low income will pay low taxes and one with higher income will play higher taxes. If you are self employed then you may need to submit tax payments.

Do you have any issues on

  • Tax calculation
  • Excise and Customs
  • Insurance
  • Child Benefits
  • Income
  • Study And Student Loans
  • Employee benefit
  • Tax savings
  • Self Employment
  • VAT

HM Revenue Contact Number – 0300 200 3300

International call (outside UK) – +44 135 535 9022

National Insurance –> 0300 200 3500

Self Assessment –> 0300 200 3310

Tax for Employers –> 0300 200 3200

VAT : General enquiries –> 0300 200 3700

Tax Credits, Tax return –> 0345 300 3900

Child Benefits –> 0300 200 3100


Construction Industry Scheme –> 0300 200 3210

HM Revenue Email –> [email protected]

Official Website –>

So if you have any issues just call the above numbers and get your queries resolved.


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